Qatar Visa For Afghans: Check Requirements 2024

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You can visit many dream destinations in Qatar, by the way, a Qatar visa application needs to be done. If you need clarification about the visa application procedures this article is right for you. This article shares with you a convenient solution for your Qatar travel trip, a Qatar e-Visa. Qatar e-Visa, also known as the Qatar visit visa or Qatar tourist visa, is applied to 195+ countries, including Afghanistan. We cover everything you need to be aware of Qatar visas for Afghan citizens: requirements, how to apply, and fees, so do not overlook it.

Qatar visa for Afghan citizens - The things you should know about

Qatar visa for Afghan citizens - The things you should know about

Understanding of Qatar e-Visa for Afghan citizens

The Qatar e-Visa, also known as a Qatar tourist visa is a digital visa that enables individuals from other countries to travel to the Persian Gulf state. It was initially introduced by the Qatari government on June 23, 2017.

The purpose of the e-Visa for Qatar is to streamline the procedure of obtaining permission to enter the country. Travelers who meet the requirements can apply for this type of visa through an online platform.

Qatar e-Visas grants visitors the ability to stay in Qatar for a maximum of 30 days, specifically for tourism purposes. Moreover, Qatar e-Visa is authorized as a single-entry visa, which means you have to re-apply if you would like to return to Qatar.

On the other hand, travelers from countries that do not qualify for the eVisa should approach a Qatar embassy to inquire about obtaining a consular visa.

Qatar visa requirements for Afghans - Check updates 2024

It is noted that only eligible countries can apply for an e-Visa for Qatar. Before applying, let's check your eligibility at Qatar requirements for Afghan citizens. After that, you need to prepare some of the required documents below:

  • Valid passport from an eligible country. The passport must be valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival and have 02 blank pages to receive stamps.
  • A photo of the applicant is needed.
  • Flight booking reservations from an airline
  • Current email address to receive a valid e-Visa.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the online fee
  • Travelers need to show proof of residency in one of the US, UK, Canada, Schengen, Australia, or New Zealand for a valid visa for a 3-month visa.

Do not ignore checking Qatar visa requirements for Afghan citizens

Do not ignore checking Qatar visa requirements for Afghan citizens

How to apply for a Qatar visa for Afghan passport under 15 minutes

The visa application form takes you under 15 minutes to complete. The form requires you to basic information about yourself and your trip. Now, please follow the instructions below to apply for a Qatar visa for Afghanistan citizens easily at The Qatar Immigration Services.

Step 1: Access our secure visa application form for Afghans at our website. Fill out completely and correct your personal and Qatar trip information:

  • Full name, date of birth, passport number, and other personal details.
  • Details of your trip, including the date of arrival and departure.

Step 2: Make your payment following the available payment methods we have. After receiving your full payment, we will send you some requests to complete your application.

Step 3: Receive your valid e-Visa through the email provided. The processing time depends on the types of visa services you choose, with an average processing time of three business days.

Step 4: Keep the national passport and 02 printed copies of your e-Visa to obtain a stamp at the international airport.

We would like to remind you that apply as soon as possible, at least a week before boarding a trip, to avoid interruption. In some cases, the processing time is longer than we expected because of some errors, we hope you are patient to wait. We will try our best to solve it.

How much does a Qatar visa price for Afghan citizens?

We have a reasonable budget for your Qatar visa application. In general, the applicant has to pay 02 types of fees: government fees and services fees.

Government fees are the amount of fees charged to the Qatar Immigration Department to solve your visa order. The services fee is charged to The Qatar Immigration Services to support your entire application process from filling out the form to receiving a stamp at the airport. This fee depends on the types of timing services. Take account into consideration at 03 options below:

  • Normal: This option ensures that you receive your e-Visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: This option guarantees delivery of the e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: With this option, you can obtain your e-Visa within five business hours.

Regarding the payment methods, we have electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal) and bank transfers. To know clearly about how to make a payment, you can access information on our website.

Qatar visa fees for Afghan citizens

Qatar visa fees for Afghan citizens

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Hopefully, this article is helpful to your visa application. Qatar visa online for Afghan citizens is truly a great idea for a travel trip or leisure activities in Qatar. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns, we are happy to assist you.