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Is there any Qatar Embassy in Andorra?

There is no Qatar embassy or consulate in Andorra. Andorran citizens seeking assistance related to visas or immigration matters can contact the nearest Qatar embassy in Andorra.

We offer Andorrans to visit the nearest embassy of Qatar in Europe:

Moreover, you can visit the Check Qatar Embassy page to find the nearest embassy of Qatar.

Are there any Qatar visa options that do not visit the Qatar embassy?

Qatar eVisa, also known as the Hayya Entry Card, is truly a great idea for your Qatar travel trip from Andorra. You can apply for a visa anywhere and obtain a visa within 03 business days.

Before starting the Qatar visa application process, kindly check and prepare enough of the required documents.

However, Qatar eVisa is suitable for tourist purposes and allows visa holders to stay in Qatar within 30 days. If you wish to visit for other purposes or stay longer than 30 days, a traditional visa at the Qatar Embassy should be an alternative.

I am in Qatar, how can I contact the Andorran Embassy in Qatar if I have any issues?

Unfortunately, there is no Andorran embassy in Qatar. You have to find the nearest Andorra diplomatic representative to Qatar, including:

  • The Embassy of Andorra in Vienna, Austria
  • The Embassy of Andorra in Strasbourg, France
  • The Embassy of Andorra in Geneva, Switzerland

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