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Is there any Qatar embassy in Nigeria?

There is currently no Qatar embassy or consulate within Nigeria. Nigerian citizens seeking assistance related to visas or immigration matters can contact the nearest Qatar embassy in Nigeria.

We offer Nigerians to visit the nearest embassy of Qatar in Nigeria the Qatar Embassy In Bangui, Central African Republic.

How can I apply for a Qatar Visa without visiting the embassy?

Instead of going to the Qatar embassy in person and enduring long wait times for paperwork, we strongly advise Nigerian visa holders to consider applying for a Qatar eVisa, also referred to as a Hayya Entry Card.

Nigerian nationals are eligible for a Qatar eVisa, allowing them to apply for tourist purposes with a stay of up to 30 days. We are confident that the Qatar eVisa application process is quite straightforward, and applicants can typically obtain their Qatar eVisa in just 03 business days.

However, it's essential to thoroughly review the Qatar eVisa requirements for Nigerians before applying to avoid unnecessary delays.

In cases where your trip does not align with the Qatar eVisa regulations, such as non-tourism activities or a stay exceeding 30 days, a traditional visa from the Qatar embassy would be the more suitable option.

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