Check Qatar Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Iran acts as the official diplomatic mission of Qatar in Iran. Its main goal is to enhance and strengthen the bilateral relations between Qatar and Iran, focusing on diplomatic, economic, and cultural connections between the two countries.

The embassy is a key center for communication and cooperation between the Qatari and Iranian governments. It plays a significant role in facilitating official visits, negotiations, and exchanges between the nations. Additionally, the embassy offers consular services to Qatari citizens in Iran, assisting with visa issuance, passport renewals, and other consular matters.

Is there any Qatar Embassy in Iran?

Yes, Qatar has an embassy in Iran. The Embassy of the State of Qatar is located in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Follow the information below:

Embassy of the State of Qatar in Iran

  • Address: Street Africa Avd, Golazin, St. No. 4, Tehran – Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Tel: +982122029336 | +982122029337
  • Email: [email protected]

Moreover, you can check the location of the Qatar Embassy or Consulate from all over the world through our website conveniently. We also provide the information of the Embassy of Iran in Doha for any needs.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Doha

  • Address: Diplomatic Area, West Bay, P.O. Box: 1633, Doha - State of Qatar
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +97444835300 |  +97444831950
  • Fax: +97444831665

What functions does the Qatar Embassy in Iran perform?

Its role encompasses several diplomatic responsibilities, including:

  • Consular Services: The embassy offers consular aid to Qatari nationals residing in or visiting Iran, encompassing tasks such as passport renewals, visa processing, and assistance during emergencies.
  • Bilateral Relations: Fostering political, economic, cultural, and social connections between Qatar and Iran is a key focus. Acting as a bridge between the two governments, the embassy facilitates discussions and collaboration on mutual concerns.
  • Cultural Exchange: Aiming to promote cultural understanding and exchanges between the populations of Qatar and Iran, the embassy supports various cultural events, exhibitions, and educational initiatives.
  • Economic and Trade Relations: Playing a pivotal role in advancing trade and investment prospects between the two nations, the embassy assists Qatari enterprises seeking entry into the Iranian market and vice versa.
  • Public Diplomacy: Engaging with the local community and media to portray a favorable image of Qatar and disseminate information about its policies and advancements is another significant aspect of the embassy's activities.

How can I apply for a Qatar Visa for Iranians without visiting the embassy?

As for obtaining a Qatar visa without embassy visits, I recommend applying for a Qatar eVisa, also referred to as a Hayya Entry Card. Iranian citizens are eligible for this eVisa, allowing for tourism stays of up to 30 days. 

The application process is straightforward, and approval typically takes around 03 business days. Before commencing the application, Iranian citizens should carefully review the specific requirements for a Qatar eVisa to prevent any unnecessary delays. If travel plans do not align with the conditions of the Qatar eVisa, such as engaging in non-tourism activities or exceeding the 30-day limit, obtaining a traditional visa from the Qatar embassy would be more suitable.

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