Citizens Of 242 Countries Eligible For Qatar EVisa

While the citizens of 80 countries are now eligible for visa-free entry to Qatar, nationals of 242 countries are qualified to apply for a tourist visa (e-visa) online to visit the country, it is learnt.

According to Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), the e-visa service was expanded to accept applications from travellers to Qatar aboard all airlines, as well as from tourism and hospitality establishments in the country.

GIS-Qatar airport

Citizens of 80 countries are eligible for a visa-free entry in Doha but they can also choose to apply for a pre-approved visa online to save time on arrival.

Citizens of 242 countries can apply for a tourist visa online, which are non-refundable for both successful and denied applications.

Children who are endorsed on parents’ passport cannot apply using the online platform.

Qatar announced that citizens of 80 countries can now enter Qatar visa-free, making it the most open country in the region.

Addressing a joint press conference, senior officials of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar Airways announced that instead of applying for a visa, citizens of these countries who want to visit Qatar will be given a multiple-entry waiver for free at the port of entry. The countries include the UK, the US, Seychelles, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, India, and South Africa. 

Source: gulf-times