Qatar opens up visitor visa process to more nationalities

Qatar opens up visitor visa process

Qatar has made it easier for more people to secure visit visas to the country through a new Electronic Travel Authorization system.

Starting Sept. 27, visitors of any nationality who hold valid residence permits or visas from the UK, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Schengen or GCC countries can secure 30-day visit visas to Qatar.

The Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) announced the plan while opening a new office in China this week.

The move comes as the nation struggles to woo more tourists amid a months-long blockade by its neighbors that has hit the hospitality industry.

It also follows Qatar’s recent decision to allow visa-free travel for some 80 nationalities.

Terms and conditions

To visit Qatar under the new system, applicants will need to present:

1. Itinerary (ie in the form of round-trip plane tickets);

2. Proof of accommodation (such as hotel bookings);

3. Passport copy (with a minimum validity of six months); and

4. A copy of their residence permit or visa (with a minimum validity of 30 days) to the previously mentioned countries.

If a visitor leaves the country and wishes to return, he or should would need to apply for a new ETA before traveling back to Qatar.